My 2017 was Black AF. Here’s to an even Blacker 2018.


Now that the dust and excitement from Native Day of Mourning aka Thanksgiving has settled; and the hype for Christmas is in full swing. I have had time to reflect on my past year. My year has been very, very Black. And all that Blackness was just what I needed to get through the ridiculousness that we are calling 2017. 2017 was one of the hardest years to date for me. I spent a lot of time thinking I wasn’t going to see the end. And while it’s not even over yet; I made it to December. This year I have had to deal with illness, being a mom of two under two, a crazy work cycle, being a new blogger, and stepping into the world of pin making. It has been a f*cking year.

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But the beautiful part of 2017 to me has been that it has been so very Black. I know that’s a odd thing to claim but it’s true. My 2017 has been very intentionally Black. I have chosen to enter as many Black spaces as possible this year because of the extreme exhaustion I have been dealing with. Being Black in America is a fight every day and 2016 took it all from me. Police murders, 45’s election, racists being emboldened. It takes so much from you as a Black person in this country. So going into 2017 I opted to make space and be in spaces for those who share in part of my identity.

This year I have been in some really beautiful Black spaces. I went to the Black Muslim Psychology conference in Philly, the Rights at Risk Convening in Detroit, I was a facilitator for Deeply Rooted in PA. I began this blog, and began selling pins to fill a gap for Black Muslims in the pin game. I also began a Black Muslim Talk Space for my students on campus.

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Each of these spaces have been a blessing, a coming home. To build and grow with Black Muslims from around the country has been so transformative to myself and my work. Each of the people I have met, talked with and worked with has helped healed some of the pain that this world has left on my heart. As I have gotten to know and shared with many of these people I have gotten to watch each of them change the world with their own hands. It has been the balm on the wound America has left on my spirit.

If you, like me, have found the world to be to much as a Black Muslim, or a Black person in America; I encourage you to make your 2018 extra Black. Join a group, whether in real life or even Facebook. Go to conferences, meet ups and outings. Buy from Black stores and boutiques. Make your 2018 Black AF. I promise that while it may sound simple; the results can really alter your day to day. Though 2017 was almost too much sometimes, I am hoping to make 2018 even Blacker.



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