The Black Bath and Body Works

NOTE: I was not paid and have not gotten money, gifts, or sponsorship for this review. This is just my humble (and always correct) opinion.

About a month ago I came across a video on Facebook that was being shared with many of my friends.  You also may have seen this video:

As you can see this video is full of all the things need to make your melanin glow.I normally buy my body products from Lush or Whole Foods. However, a black owned spot this big and full of goodies was getting my coins. So I went to their website.

Their website is massive my friends! When I tell you they have products and scents and flavors for days, I mean it. My friend and I spent at least an hour just going through all of their options and products. In the end, I bought the following items:

  • 1Raw Honey & Tea tree Signature Shampoo (8oz.)
  • Island Butter Whipped Butter (8oz)
  • Rosewater & Hawaiian Burst Sugar (1lb. Gift Bag)
  • Eczema Mitigation & Reparation Body Seal (8oz. Bottle)

About Ordering and Shipping:

I placed my order on February 11th and My order was shipped on the 17th. At first I was annoyed it took so long but then I assumed the delay was caused because of how many people have ordered from them since they went viral and it looks like a family owned place. My second annoyance came with the tracking number I was provided. The tracking number I got with my email on the 17th ended up wasn’t actually mine. When I emailed and called Yadain about getting the correct tracking number, I got no response from anyone.  It’s almost a month later by this post and I still have never gotten an email about that tracking number. However, I was lucky that my package ended up coming on regardless. But the lack of response and the other things were starting to color my opinion.



Everything was wrapped in clear packing tape. Like industrial wrapped. I’m guessing to make sure that incase anything was damaged in shipping they wouldn’t leak. However, it was hard to get off and super ugly. I had to use a kitchen knife to be able to cut into everything to get in.The sugar scrub didn’t come in a resalable bag: annoying. So, I had to open it carefully and then put it in a Ziploc bag to keep it from spilling everywhere. It also didn’t come with a label or pretty packaging. It’s packaging was pretty ugly to be honest. Just a clear bag with black writing.

About the Products:

Eczema Mitigation & Reparation Body Seal (8oz. Bottle)


I bought this lotion in particular for my son who has Eczema. The other products we had for him were ok but there would be days when he would be super itchy. This product has a ton of different oils and claimed to “heal the skin” . I love it. 100%. It smells good, it goes on super silky and it is super moisturizing. My son and daughter’s skin have cleared up and look great. The lotion is super thick so the bottle design doesn’t work. I have to take the cap off to get a good amount of product out. But it works so well I hardly remember to be annoyed.

Island Butter Whipped Butter (8oz)


This stuff smells heavenly and goes on amazing. I can put this on at 7am and by bed time my body still has moisture. It works on both my skin and my husbands. The only downside to this lotion is that if it gets warm the oils used for the scent separate out (see photo). I had to put mine in the freezer to get it to solidify. Also, it tints your palms yellow. Like playing in curry yellow. It comes off with baby wipes but if you aren’t expecting it, it can be shocking.


Rosewater & Hawaiian Burst Sugar (1lb Gift Bag)


A warning to those who buy this; this might get you pregnant. I’m kidding (but I’m not). This stuff is everything you have ever wanted in a sugar scrub. It smells like the ancestors have blessed it. Most sugar scrubs just clean away the dead skin. This one also moisturizes. Yes. Moisturizes as it scrubs. When I use this scrub, I don’t have to put lotion on afterwards. I know, but I don’t. And the scent lasts a good long while.

Raw Honey & Tea tree Signature Shampoo (8oz.)


I bought this shampoo because I have been going to the gym or boot camp 3-4 times a week. By the end of the week my scalp is having no more of my foolishness. I really like this shampoo. Not only does my hair and scalp feel clean, it’s also super manageable. I have a lot of hair and manageability plays a big part in wash day. This stuff strips enough dirt and oil away for a good cleaning but puts back moisture so I can still handle my hair. And again, it smells yummy.


Yadain gets an A from me. The shipping and packaging weren’t the best but the products are so great. I am really excited to buy more and try different things that they offer. I always want to buy black and support local businesses when I can. If you haven’t gotten anything because you weren’t sure about them, I highly recommend them. Hopefully in the future we can expect even more and even better.





  1. I loved this! Thank you for this honest and in-depth review. I’m also interested in their products now but the mess about the shipping and the packaging has me slightly hesitant. Hmm. I think I’ll still give them a try though.

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