Ramadan: “It Takes a Village”. A Conversation with, “For Mami’s Sake” the Podcast.


Ramadan Mubarak! Ramadan Kareem! May all of your fasts, prayers and dua’a be accepted, ameen.

For this post, I wanted to talk about what creating Ramadan looks like and means for me. As someone who didn’t grow up with this holiday, I really strive to make it worthwhile for my children. I want them to be able to look back the way I do, and remember how special their parents made it for them. I was really blessed to be asked by my good sister friend Maralis Mercado Emerson, owner and CEO of REclaim the Well,  to be interviewed for her podcast “For Mami’s Sake”. Here we talk about all of the things that Ramadan has come to mean to me now that I have a family of my own.

Take a listen to our conversation! Let us know what you think and what you and your family do for this holiday.  Below are some of the pictures from creating and decorating with my little ones as we make Ramadan special.











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