I Have an Invisible Condition and I Am No Longer Afraid to Say It

My leg was shaking and my stomach was in knots. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go over. When it was finally my turn, I introduced myself. I gave my normal spiel and then I added on, “Also, I thought you all should know I have a seizure condition…”. I went on to […]

We Need to Come Clean About Leadership in the Ummah

Let’s start this conversation one hundred percent honest. I am always wary of Imams, Sheikhs, Scholars, etc. Muslims are always shocked when I say I don’t go to a specific masjid and I don’t follow a particular scholar. But it’s the truth. In my years of being Muslim, I can name on one hand the […]

After the Vegas Attack; I Am Living Life like a Straight White Christian Man

I am tired of holding my breath. Not breathing. Of praying Before I click on links. I’m tired whispering “Please don’t let it be one of us” Sighing gratefully when it isn’t Sighing stress filled when it is. Every time there is a major shooting, nay, a terrorist attack, I have to literally make dua’a. […]

She Had to Have an Abortion, but I Won’t Let It Happen to You.

I recently read an article on The Tempest titled, “I never thought I’d have to get an abortion as a Muslim woman- until the day I did”. The article physically hurt me. Reading this poor girl’s story, was one I wasn’t prepared for. I can’t imagine what the comment section looks like on that post. […]

In the Warm Arms of Blackness: How I Found Healing at BMPC 2017

It has been about two weeks since I was in Philly for the Muslim Wellness Foundation: Black Muslim Psychology Conference. I have battled with my self as to how I wanted to write this. Do I write a love letter; thanking Sister Kameelah, and all the others who put together this conference? Do I do […]