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Going to the Gym Sucks. Going to the Gym as a Hijabi in the South, is Garbage.

I hate the gym. The gym is one of the most heinous places on the planet. I hate everything about the gym and what it stands for. I hate public bathrooms, I hate sweating in public, I hate exercise. I hate the gym. However, I have been going to the gym near my house for […]

What Happened to Amara La Negra on LAHHMIA Is What Happens to All Afro-Latinx People.

I have been good the past year with watching ratchet T.V. I haven’t watched much if anything at all. However, when I heard Love and Hip Hop was going to be in Miami I decided to check out the cast. The only person who really caught my attention, besides Trina, was Amara La Negra. Amara […]

“Yes. All African-Americans are Black; but not all Black People Are African-American.” A Slight Read.

  As it is about to be 2018 I want us to do better. I want us to bring some things into the new year and some things I am going to need us to leave behind. I want us to get some things right. One of those things is that is the conflation of […]

My 2017 was Black AF. Here’s to an even Blacker 2018.

Now that the dust and excitement from Native Day of Mourning aka Thanksgiving has settled; and the hype for Christmas is in full swing. I have had time to reflect on my past year. My year has been very, very Black. And all that Blackness was just what I needed to get through the ridiculousness […]

I Have an Invisible Condition and I Am No Longer Afraid to Say It

My leg was shaking and my stomach was in knots. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go over. When it was finally my turn, I introduced myself. I gave my normal spiel and then I added on, “Also, I thought you all should know I have a seizure condition…”. I went on to […]