Ramadan: “It Takes a Village”. A Conversation with, “For Mami’s Sake” the Podcast.

Ramadan Mubarak! Ramadan Kareem! May all of your fasts, prayers and dua’a be accepted, ameen. For this post, I wanted to talk about what creating Ramadan looks like and means for me. As someone who didn’t grow up with this holiday, I really strive to make it worthwhile for my children. I want them to […]

Going to the Gym Sucks. Going to the Gym as a Hijabi in the South, is Garbage.

I hate the gym. The gym is one of the most heinous places on the planet. I hate everything about the gym and what it stands for. I hate public bathrooms, I hate sweating in public, I hate exercise. I hate the gym. However, I have been going to the gym near my house for […]